Thursday, July 26, 2012

Half Way Through P90X

Yesterday's workout was the halfway point of my 90 days on the P90X workout program.  It was also my 45th day taking shakeology.  I have been following the "Classic" P90X workout but my resistance training and diet have been focused on gaining lean muscle while losing a little fat.  I have only taken 2 days off during the first half, while doing X Stretch on the other recommended days off.  My results thus far aren't anything dramatic or shocking; but for where I started, what my goals are and how I followed the program, I am happy with the changes I am seeing.  After 45 days I have lost 12lbs, 1 pant size and can really begin to see my body changing as my body fat percentage drops.  I am noticeably stronger and am able to make it through most of the workouts without extra or longer breaks.  I also have a lot more energy and I am less tired, even when I get very little sleep.

I am really excited for the second half and know that this is where the major transformation will take place!  I can't wait to push myself every single day and do everything that I can.  I'm also looking forward to my 60 day pictures and measurements, to see how my progress is coming along.  But, because I committed to 90 days...the real goal and payday will come when I take my pictures and measurements on day 90!  Loving the workouts, the Results and Recovery Drink and Shakeology (especially the Chocolate!).  Also, really enjoy having the P90X app on my iPhone.

Still have so many different Beachbody workout programs that I want to go through!  Body Beast will be the next one, but one day soon I'll have to try P90X2!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finding the Time

Back in 2002-2003 I was spending a lot of time in the gym, most days it was 4-5 hours a day.  I was single, working 8 hours a day 5 days a week and just didn't have much else to do.  I was in the best shape of my life and was loving it.  I was not eating very healthy and as a result had not lowered my body fat percentage low enough to reach my goal of having a well defined "six pack."  Still I was very happy with how I looked and how I felt, and I swore that I'd never let myself get so out of shape again. None of us ever plans to gain weight, to let our health go or to become obese.  But, that is exactly what happened as my bad diet continued and my exercise ceased.  I found excuses for why I was letting myself go or why I couldn't exercise, the most common one being, "I'm just too busy and can't find the time."  Not that this was a lie, I was busy, few of us these days have any free time.  More often than not we are busy from the moment that we wake to the minute we lay our heads down at night.

I told myself, "if I could only find the time!"  I would workout, and get healthy.  As I changed jobs it really seemed that this would be impossible for me.  Working for a drilling company, I began working 13.5hrs a day 20 days on and 10 days off.  I never had any energy and even on my days off, just wanted to rest and relax.  After watching my beautiful wife push herself and workout everyday for years, I finally reached a point where I could no longer stand the way that I looked and felt.  My wife's example had inspired me to change.  I began eating better and working out 30-45 minutes a day 5-6 days a week.  Till, she became a Beachbody Coach.  Feeling that I was ready to increase the duration and intensity of my workouts, and also as a show of support towards my wife in her new venture, I began P90X.

In a few days I will have completed six weeks of the program.  Many of those days working 13.5 hours  outdoors and on my feet, only to come home and workout for 50-90 minutes.  I have no secret and never did "find" the time to workout.  But, I did find the burning desire to change myself, enough so that I decided to make the time.  To make my workout a priority, to hold myself accountable and show up everyday just as I do for work.  I thought that giving up that amount of sleep everyday would leave me drained and tired, but though I have had days that I feel worn down, most of the time I feel that I have more energy and that I'm more able to face the day and it's challenges.

In short, look and look but you will never find.  There is no extra time, just lying around waiting to be discovered!  Make the time, Make those things that mean the most to you the highest priority.  Make time for family, health, and self-improvement...And in the long run they will make time for you!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Team Beachbody Coach

After using Beachbody products and workouts for years, my beautiful wife recently became an Independent Team Beacbody Coach.  To help her in her journey and to learn more about Beachbody products we decided to try out Shakeology.  To be honest, we were only planning on taking Shakeology for a month or two.  Part of the reason was because of the cost, at $120 for a month supply per person we thought it was a little expensive.  However, using it to replace one meal a day, $4 a meal isn't bad.  Then after we factored in the amount of nutrition that you receive in each shake, we felt a little better about our decision.

In the months leading up to taking Shakeology I had lost around 30lbs by eating smaller portions and eating more often (5 small meals/snacks a day), working out about 45mins a day/5 days a week and cutting out the 64oz or so of soda that I was drinking most days.  On the same day that I started taking Shakeology I begin the P90X workout program.  My weight lose for the first three weeks was at the same rate as it was before Shakeology and P90X, between 1lbs-1.5lbs per week.  I did feel that I had more energy within the first couple of weeks and noticed after the first week that my cravings for junk food and unhealthy foods began to diminish.  Instead I looked forward to my Chocolate shake everyday.  Another thing that I noticed is that I felt fuller longer then I had in the past using other meal replacement or protein shakes.  After just a week of using Shakeology we were hooked and knew that this was a product that we would continue to use and love!

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Weighing in after weeks four and five my weight lose had increased to 2.5lbs per week.  And I continue to feel energized, healthy and strong.  I am extremely excited about my lifestyle change and can't wait to complete my 90 days so that I can share my results with everyone!  As I started on this journey it was for myself and for purely selfish reason.  But, because these products have helped me to feel so much happier and more full of life, I can't help but share what I'm doing and what I've found with everyone that I come in contact with.  And now I have joined my wife as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach!  We look forward to helping as many people as we can reach their fitness goals, so that they can get the most out of life!

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