Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why I am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach

When I started using P90X, I knew that I would get into shape and lose weight.  I knew that I would be healthier and happier with myself.  And because my wife had become an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, prior to me beginning, I had hoped that my experence and results would help her as she shared with others about Beachbody and it's products.  The last thing that I expected was to become a Beachbody Coach myself.  I work a full time job with very long hours (worked over 950 hours during my 90 days of P90X), make a decent income and was not looking at supplementing that income.  I have seen the results from Beachbody products first hand as my wife has used a number of their workout programs over the years.  But, as I began using their products myself (P90X, Shakeology and the Results and Recovery Formula) I fell in love!  Craved my Shakeology, Loved the P90X workouts and truly felt that the Results and Recovery Formula went a long ways in getting my body ready for the next workout!  People around me could see the changes and asked me what I was doing, and as I shared what I was doing and how much healthier and happier I was, I realized that I wanted to help other's find what I had!

Love this video and it shows so clearly, why I am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach!

If you are into Health and Fitness and this sounds Interesting to you, you are a perfect candidate to become a Beachbody Coach yourself!  Message me for more information or visit my website to get started!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

After One Round of P90X

Although it doesn't feel like I've been doing P90X for 90 days (seems like I just started yesterday), I have completed the 90 day workout program and wanted to share my experience and results.  To start, P90X is an extreme workout program!  I found out what that meant the hard way, when I first tried (and quit) the program for a few days.  I was so sore that I could not bend my arms in past 90 degrees, then my legs were so sore that it hurt just to walk around.  What I learned and applied the second time around was not to worry or even try to keep up with the videos.  Use them as a guide and a goal to work up to, but don't push yourself to failure on every excersise, at least not at first.  Also, in the workouts follow "the tip of the day" and whenever needed modify the exercises and or take breaks.  Two other tools that I used the second time around were the P90X Results and Recovery Formula and Shakeology.  The Recovery formula really seemed to help my body to repair and rebuild it's self, I was still sore, but I also felt ready for the next workout.  I enjoyed the taste, as it is an orange creamsicle flavor.  I drank the recovery formula during or after every workout, with the exception of the days that I did X Stretch and only part of the time (when I felt my body really needed it) on Yoga X days.  The days that I seemed to notice the greastest benefit were the cardio days or days where I had really pushed myself and felt spent at the end of the workout.  As exhausted and tired as I was, shortly afterwards I felt that I still had energy and I only had one or two workouts where I felt that my body just didn't have the strength or energy to do it (but, I did it anyways).

Shakeology, was not something that I was looking at taking long term and was really not anything that I felt that my body needed.  I believed that eating healthier meals and snacks and eating about every 3-4 hours would do just as much for me as these drinks would.  But, as my wife became an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, we decided that we would try Shakeology out...Just so that she could tell others about it.  However, after drinking our Shakeology everyday for 7 days, neither one of us wanted to give it up.  We both felt increased, sustained energy and really loved the taste (Started with the Regular Chocolate).  I also noticed that my cravings for sweets and junk food had decreased, and in fact I really looked forward to my Shakeology.  My body seemed to crave other health foods and meals that would provide it with the nutrients that it needed.  Needless to say, the one bag that we bought just so that we could tell others about it, has turned into many more bags as we both drink it everyday and plan on continuing it.

As far as P90X goes...I Love This Program!  I could not think of a better program to get me back into shape and to help me begin living my healthy and fit lifestyle!  I have always enjoyed weightlifting and have loathed cardio.  So the resistance days in P90X really appealed to me and are a large reason for why I selected the P90X workout program.  Four days into the program I was surprised with Yoga X, didn't know there was Yoga in the program and although I knew how difficult Yoga can be, I had no idea how much of a workout it can be as well.  I did it all, and hated almost all of it!  At 93mins long, the Yoga workout is easily the longest of all the workouts and is probably the one most skipped by people doing the program.  I did all of the Yoga days and have really come to love it!  I still have a lot of areas that I need work on, but even going on to other workout programs I will continue to do Yoga at least once a week.  The benefits of Yoga are many and are rather well documented, so my advice...Do Your Yoga.  To tell you the truth I had come to love different parts of all the workouts, while really disliking other parts.  P90X will always be my first love (as far as workout programs), and it is one that I will come back to and do again without a doubt!  Your results will not be the same, unless you are paying very close attention to your diet and nutrition.  With proper nutrition and hard work you will see amazing results, to improve your results even more drink your Shakeology and Results and Recovery drink.

Weight Loss- 24lbs
Pant sizes- Start:36 End:33

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