Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Insanity: The Asylum

While going through P90X, I was excited for and getting ready to start 90 days of Body Beast!  I've always loved body building/weight lifting and the Body Beast workout program looked to be my kind of program.  However after dropping 24lbs and starting to expose my abs by eating well and following the P90X workout program, I decided that I really wanted to have a well defined and ripped mid-section.  Because of this I decided at the last minute to do Insanity: The Asylum!  Cardio workouts and my aerobic level in general have always been a weak point in my fitness, and I knew that I was gonna be in for some very rough days!  In fact after following the workout program for about two weeks, I was really debating if I wanted to continue.

All the workouts are pretty intense and they left me feeling wiped out.  There were many days that my body was so sore, and I really didn't know if or how I was going to make it through my workout.  But, I kept with the program and did the best that I could everyday.  In the end these were usually some of my best workouts, I had to dig deep and find the mental focus to push my body through.  The sense of accomplishment at the end of these days, helped to fuel my fire and want more!  I would say that the roughest part of The Asylum is the Gameday with Overtime workout, and then following that up by doing Vertical Plyo the very next day!

After 30 days here are my results!  I

Weight: Starting-181lbs  Current-173lbs
Waist: Start-35.5"  Current-34"
Hips:  Start-38.5"  Current-37.5"
Right Thigh:  Start-23"  Current-22.5"
Left Thigh:  Start-23"  Current-22.5"

Athletic Assessment Test

Agility Hesiman:  Start-8  Current-10
In&Out Ab Progressions:  Start-33  Current-42
Mountain Climber Switch Kicks:  Start-59  Current-67
Agility Shoulder Taps:  Start-4.5  Current-6
X Jumps:  Start-22 Current-29
Agility Lateral Shuffles:  Start-10.5  Current-16
Agility Bear Crawl:  Start-6  Current-8

Next up I'm very excited to try out Insanity: The Asylum Vol. 2!  From the previews and hearing Shaun T talk about this program, it is going to be a killer!

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  1. Great results! That's awesome! Good luck with Asylum Vol 2!